Say hello to….Yellow Bear Wares

We look forward to welcoming Fairy Tale Fair newbie Claire of Yellow Bear Wares, who you will find in our workshop room. Find out more about her wonderful quirky vintage knitting needle jewellery….

Tell us a bit about you and what you do/ make….

Hello! my name is Claire, I design and make jewellery for my Etsy store Yellow Bear Wares. I’ve always been a maker but I am reasonably new to the world of ‘crafting to sell’ and so far I am really enjoying myself, I’m very excited to be a part of the Fairy Tale fair on November 16th.


I create my jewellery using vintage and second hand plastic knitting needles. I design and make rings, bracelets, necklaces and I have just launched a new design of mine- knitting needle earrings!

They are the perfect gift to buy for a yarn lover, knitter, crochet fan, crafter or someone that appreciates the upcycled and quirky idea of jewellery made from knitting needles!

How long have you been making your craft items?

I started making knitting needle bracelets for friends and for myself a few years ago and then last year I decided to make some for my parents stall ‘One Bright Spark’ that they take to markets in the South West of England.

The process of making them for my parents enabled me to realise how much I missed the ‘hands on’ making part of my life as it had started to fade away what with work and life!


I really enjoy the whole method, from rummaging through boot sales and charity shops to find my needles through to the challenge of experimenting and designing my items and having the final pieces ready to photograph and sell (or to add to my own jewellery box!). My Etsy shop has been open since February this year.

Do you have a best seller? If so what is it? And do you have some special festive items planned to sell?

My rings have proved to be very popular at the few craft fairs I have done, I think it’s a combination of the bright and funky colours and the idea of it’s previous life as a crafting implement that excites people.


At The Fairy Tale Fair on the 16th of November I will be adding a new line to my stall: ‘EXTREME KNITTING NEEDLES!’ These are giant wooden knitting needles which are 61cm long that have been hand-made by my father. I will be running workshops alongside my stall giving you a chance to try knitting with these monsters. I will also have pairs of the needles available for purchase if you like what you have experienced or if you want the perfect Christmas gift for the knitter in your life!

What do you enjoy most about your craft?

Designing and making! I love trying to think up new design ideas and literally noodleing about with my needles! When inspiration hits me I really enjoy trying to create the vision I have had, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised and it’s the mistakes that make the best results.

Do you take part in other craft events (fairs, open houses, markets etc…)?

I have a few fairs lined up in the run up towards Christmas. I’m excited to be doing Craftaganza for a weekend (30th November/1st December), Art Junky at the Phoenix for the first time on December the 14th, and also ‘We Made This’ on December 21st for those late gift buyers! It’s my first year doing the Christmas run so I’m currently trying to figure out just how much stock I’ll need and focusing on creating a display for my new designs.

I’ve just had some very exciting news that I will be participating in an open house in May next year, this will be a completely new experience for me and I’m looking forward to it already!


What are your plans/ ambitions for the future? Or have you already achieved them?

I hope to develop and expand my Yellow Bear Wares activities, I’m thinking about opening an online Folksy store to help my UK sales base to grow. I have some new design ideas, which are a bit different to my current products but would fit the ‘knitting’ theme and I am hoping to get them out of my brain and into reality in the not too distant future!

Sum up what Christmas is to you in 5 words or less!:

Family, indulgence, loved ones, excitement, sparkle.

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