A Festive Welcome Back to….. Pomelo Crafts

We are excited to welcome back Pomelo Crafts, again another Fairy Tale Fair regular, and Patcham based too! We love Lynn’s wonderful sewn creations, especially the cute little purses and i-pad cases!…

Remind us about you and what you create?

I’m Lynn and I live in Brighton with my family. I love making useful creations in the form of different types of bags and purses – make-up bags, toiletry bags, phone sleeves, glasses cases, coin purses, kindle cases, iPad sleeves.

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Will you be selling some special festive creations?

Not as such, but all my creations make great Christmas presents. I’ll have some fabric gift bags with me and they really are a nice way to present smaller gifts.

Will you be taking part in any other fairs over the Christmas period?

Yes, The Fairy Tale Fair is the first one of the season, but I’m also taking part in the BIG Brighton Christmas Fair at the Sallis Benney Theatre on 8th Dec and I’m excited about the Jessie Jumbles Marvellous Christmas Market in Billingshurst on 14th Dec. I’ll also be taking part in an Open House over the weekend of 8/9 Dec.

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You have previously taken part in The Fairy Tale Fair. Did you enjoy the day?

Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to take part in all of The Fairy Tale Fairs and they’ve all been amazing. There’s such a lovely atmosphere and it brings a bit of glam to Patcham (I actually live in Patcham).

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What are your plans/ ambitions for the future? Or have you already achieved them?

Just to carry on doing what I’m doing. I started Pomelo Crafts because I love sewing and that’s how I want to keep it. I’m still determined to open an Etsy shop though!

Sum up what Christmas is to you in 5 words or less!:

Controlled festive chaos! (wow, managed that in 3)

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Any other comments you wish to make:

I can’t wait!!

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Say Hello to… Pomelo Crafts

Today we catch up with Lynn of Pomelo crafts who has taken part in all of our Fairy Tale Fairs. Find out more about her lovely creations…

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Hello, I’m Lynn from Pomelo Crafts. I live in Brighton with my family and sewing is my favourite thing to do in my spare time. I love to make different types of bags and purses – make-up bags, toiletry bags, coin purses, phone cases, kindle cases, iPad sleeves…… and this is exactly the type of items I will be bringing with me to the Fairy Tale Fair.

Picture 144

I have a serious addiction to fabric and this is my way to fund the habit! I love mixing and matching different material together to make unique items which are also very useful. Pretty much everything I make is born out of a personal need so all the different products are tried and tested…. (although I’m still waiting for someone to buy me an iPad so I can make a pretty case for it).

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I’ve taken part in all 3 Fairy Tale Fairs and I have absolutely loved them all. There’s such a lovely atmosphere and so many wonderful things to see and do. My daughter LOVES it and is always one of the first in the queue to get her face painted. I can’t wait!

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Find out more: Pomelo Crafts on Facebook


The Countdown Has Begun!

The Fairy Tale Fair BrightonApril 12th, 2014
The Fairy Tale Fair has arrived in Brighton!
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