Say Hello To…Irene Dobson

Today we meet a Fairy Tale Fair newbie- Irene Dobson. We are looking forward to having Irene and her wonderful knitted characters, especially the easter bunnies!

“I find knitting and sewing very relaxing – and it beats housework :)” – Irene.

Picture 103

How long have you been crafting and what do you enjoy about it?

I have loved knitting and making since I was a child.
I especially like knitting colourful dolls and baby shoes.
I find lots of nice patterns on the Internet, and buying wool is an obsession.

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My sister Sally and I have ‘making’ days (tea, cakes and a chat!!), and share lots of ideas….
I also sew, and make small gifts, adults and children’s aprons etc…. But knitting is my first love.

I have been making crafts on and off since my children were small – now, for the grandchildren.
I knit dolls as presents and some made to order for friends, who inspired me to try and sell some of my collection.

Picture 100

What are your best sellers?

My best sellers are the dolls and the baby shoes

I find knitting and sewing very relaxing – and it beats housework 🙂

Picture 101

Are you taking part in any other fairs?

This will be my third craft fair, and I already have another booked before Easter.
Sally and I do the fairs together, as we both enjoy meeting nice people and seeing all the unusual craft stalls. A great way to spend an afternoon

Picture 99

What Easter & Mother’s Day creations can we expect from you?

I hope the Easter bunnies and bags complete with chocolate eggs, prove to be popular.
I have some small gifts, which may be nice as extras for Mother’s Day – or any day!

Picture 98

I hope to do more fairs, and am constantly looking for new things to make.

We look forward to welcoming Irene to The Fairy Tale Fair on Saturday the 9th March!


The Countdown Has Begun!

The Fairy Tale Fair BrightonApril 12th, 2014
The Fairy Tale Fair has arrived in Brighton!
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