Meet Stitch & Loop at Barties!

We are Amanda and Claire, two firm friends who, 18 months ago whilst shopping in beautiful Chichester (we may have had a coffee and a cake or two in Carluccio’s….), decided that we were not getting enough ‘making’ time and that we would meet once a week, on a Thursday, to drink fabulous coffee, make fabulous things and dream fabulous dreams. We did this for a year and then decided that we should make this work for us and our fledgling business, Stitch & Loop, was born. In effect, we are a business that has arisen from a mutual love of making beautiful handmade products around our kitchen tables.
We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone at Barties Boutique on Saturday and most certainly have some inspiring gifts for everyone for Christmas. These include:
Beautifully presented preserved lemons
Chunky vibrant, felted and embellished bracelets
Fabulous all enveloping wraparound French style aprons with a twist for men and women
Freestyle embroidered brooches
Contemporary textile art pictures (with patchwork, embroidery and knitting we focus on freestyle stitching and use fraywork and selvedges)
Kooky textile small accessories (ranging from rings to bookmarks)
Hand knitted gadget covers with a twist
 Quirky individual rag dolls made with vintage and Japanese fabrics
What we enjoy most about our work is that we love our homes and derive great satisfaction from making beautiful things for them and for ourselves to wear. We both have a love of colour, texture and quality and are prepared to pay for good quality and impeccable style.  In fact, it is this penchant for all things fabulous (Anthropologie being a particular weakness!) that has necessitated the launch of Stitch & Loop as a provider of the means to fund our shopping habits!
We have sold at one other market over this Christmas period and stock three shops: Strawberry in Chichester, Rare Rabbit in Arundal and Vintage Rose in Storrington.
Five words that sum up Christmas; well they would have to be: log fires, mulled wine, cosiness, snow and love.
You can find out more about us from Twitter (StitchnLoop), Facebook (StitchandLoop) and our blog ( Our website will be up and running soon after the New Year too

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