Say Hello To… Trish Palmer

Today we welcome back Trish Palmer- her knitted cati were very popular at the last fair, in fact we are still getting messages about them now! They will be back for summer along with lots of other lovely creations…

“It’s fabulous to be with craft lovers – sellers and buyers, plus cake and tea. What’s not to love?” – Trish Palmer


Tell us a bit about you and what you do/ make….

I taught Textiles at the local secondary school for over 30 years. During those years I taught students how to hand sew and use a sewing machine. I also promoted embroidery, knitting, quilting, French knitting, tie/dye and patchwork within the lessons or short courses at the end of terms. Now I have retired I am enjoying experimenting with different crafts and combining them in different ways.

Picture 149

How would you describe your style?

I like to work quite small but always take care to make everything detailed. I love colour, decoration and embroidery. My creations, I hope, show lots of skill but are still practical. I always try to incorporate a little something to make you smile.

Picture 150

How long have you been making your craft items?

I have always made bits and pieces for friends and relatives but have only sold my items for the last year or so.

Do you have a best seller? If so what is it?

My knitted cacti seem very popular as they look real but are not vicious and you cannot kill them – practical but fun. People like my Super Star peg dollies as they are very detailed with lots of ribbon, lace and glitz – modeled on Lady Gaga. I have made up some kits for the next fair so everyone can make their own individual Super Star.

Picture 148

What do you enjoy most about your craft?

I never make exactly the same thing twice. Everything is different from the last one. So I still get a kick when I find a new pot for a cacti or a really nice piece of fabric for a peg dolly. I love trying new ideas.

Do you take part in other craft events (fairs, open houses, markets etc…)?

I only work with The Fairy Fair and have been lucky enough to have done 3 fairs to date. I am really looking forward to the Fairy Fairs 1st birthday fair.


What are your plans/ ambitions for the future? Or have you already achieved them?

I enjoy crafting and if people continue to like my work I will continue to sell. If not, then my friends and relatives will receive more gifts! I cannot imagine not doing some sort of craft work. I am painting a farm yard mural for my new granddaughter at the moment!

You have previously taken part in The Fairy Tale Fair. Did you enjoy the day?

It’s fabulous to be with craft lovers – sellers and buyers, plus cake and tea. What’s not to love?

Any other comments you wish to make:

I cannot praise Claire enough for her professional but friendly organization of the Fairy Fair. It always looks fantastic.


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