Say Hello To…Lulalupin

Today we meet Lulalupin- who is new to our fair so we can’t wait to welcome her and her unique craft pieces. Her creations are very detailed and theatrical- like something straight out of an enchanted fairy tale! Find out more…

“Pulling initial ideas together and seeing them form into beautiful things. I also love seeing my pieces worn by people, it’s a thrilling moment!”– Lucienne.

Picture 53

Tell us a bit about you and what you do/ make….

I’m a multi-disciplinary artist. I have always painted as well as done pieces of performance. I have always had a strong interest in textiles and fabrics and for the last 3 years that’s what I’ve been concentrating on. I make a wide range of things and some of my best pieces have come out of combining different artistic styles. A few examples of things I make are head pieces, garters, cuffs and collars, fabric wedding bouquets and corsages.

Picture 54

How would you describe your style?

Finely detailed, sumptuous, dramatic, playful, theatrical. My 100% percent silk pieces in particular came about from wanting to produce work that was a keepsake in a throwaway culture – work with an element of the fantastical or magical…a hint of Elizabethan and Victorian…a found treasure.

Picture 55

How long have you been making your craft items?

Oh about 3 or 4 years

Do you have a best seller? If so what is it?

My tattercuffs probably, and the baby bunting. Everyone likes baby bunting – you can take it and have a little celebration anywhere.

Picture 56

What do you enjoy most about your craft?

Pulling initial ideas together and seeing them form into beautiful things. I also love seeing my pieces worn by people, it’s a thrilling moment!

Picture 57

Do you take part in other craft events (fairs, open houses, markets etc…)?

I have done several other events, including wedding fairs. I’m hoping to have my things in an open house next year. I also have some of my work displayed and for sale in what was Big Bead Boutique and is now The Parlour Rooms, on Dyke Road; and a selection of pieces in Velvet Tattoo on Norfolk Square.

Picture 58

What are your plans/ ambitions for the future? Or have you already achieved them?

Obviously to keep selling more of my work and to continue building up my business and my customer base. I would also quite like to do some costume work, perhaps for film, theatre and television. I do really miss painting, so would like to do more of that in the next year. But mainly I just want to keep enjoying what I’m doing.

Find out more:


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