Say Hello To…Kate Trevor Photography

Today we tell you about Kate Trevor and her wonderful photography. She photographed our Christmas fair and enjoyed it so much she is coming back again for summer. Find out more…

Picture 41

Please tell us a bit about your photography and how you started…
My Dad has always been interested in experimenting with digital and film photography so I’ve always been surrounded by cameras. I studied it as a subject all the way from GCSE through to my degree that I have just completed at Sussex University and I love coming up with a project and working on something for a few weeks or months before putting together a final collection of images.
Picture 40
My main focus at the moment is documentary and landscape but I would also love to start working on some studio or fashion shoots in future.
What do you enjoy most about your photography?
Right now I’m really enjoying the freedom and variety of the work I get to do. Recently I’ve been working on education packs for teachers, look books for various products and a year long documentary project about Roller Derby. It’s all quite a mix!
Picture 42
I also love that I still get chance to go out and shoot whatever I like when I get a day off, I was recently at The British Wildlife Centre in Surrey photographing Scottish Wildcat Kittens, everyone loves Kittens!
Picture 39
You photographed our christmas fair- what did you think of the fair?
I loved photographing the Christmas Fair. I love how creative the people of Brighton are! I think the fair has been such a success and it’s a great opportunity for local people with a wide range of skills to demonstrate their work and talents.
Picture 44
How can we find out more about you?
Tweet: @kate_trevor

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