Say Hello To…Lubilou

Today we say hello to Lisa, of Lubilou who makes the most cute & quirky ceramics we’ve come across…

“When I am in my studio its like I have entered another little world where I am not thinking or stressing about daily life.” – Lisa

My name is Lisa. My Dad calls me Lubi and my Mum calls me Lou, thats where I got my name Lubilou from.

I play with clay most Sundays, I like to make sheep and other things.

How would you describe your Style?
My style is individual,textured and quirky. I want to make people smile.

How long?
I’ve been playing with clay for about 3 years and Lubilou came about just under a year ago.

Picture 263

Best seller?
My brooches seem to be my most popular item. They come in hearts and butterflies in a variety of colours and are all unique due to the different textures that I use.

Enjoy most?
Clay is great to work with, I love the feel of wet clay in my hands. When I am in my studio its like I have entered another little world where I am not thinking or stressing about daily life. I also love adding texture, character and personality to my sheep. I tickle myself when I think up their names and likes.

Picture 265

Other events?
I took part in my first craft fair last year and since then have done 3 with Makers Boutique who I will be joining at the Brighton Fishing Quarter in March for 6 weeks.

Picture 266

Mothers Day?
I think that my sheep can appeal to lots of people including Mum’s. Mothers Day is all about saying thanks and showing love, I have heart brooches and pretty decorative hanging hearts and butterflies that are great to give and make pretty affordable gifts.

Picture 264

Ambitions / plans
One of my goals for this year was to do another craft fair so I am excited and delighted to be taking part in the Fairy Tale craft fair.
My plan is to get organised and to keep my stock levels up so that I can keep my folksy shop in stock and be able to take part in more craft fairs and events.
My ambition feels like a dream, it would be to spend more time making and creating and for Lubilou to become more than a hobbie.


Picture 267


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