A Guest Post from…Darvill & Jukes Photography

Today we have a guest post from Becky Jukes and Vicky Darvill- who will be the second of our photographers on the day. We look forward to welcoming them, and hear what they have to say below…

“We can’t wait to take photos at the Fairy tale event! And are both looking forward to capturing all of the beautiful colours of the crafts, all the stalls and the wonder of what promises to be a beautiful day!”- Becky and Vicky

Tell us a bit about you and what yourself and your photography….

Becky Jukes and Vicky Darvill met whilst working together in 2008 and soon discovered a shared love of photography. As a result of this friendship, Becky and Vicky came together to form Darvill and Jukes photography in 2012.

Becky lives in Newhaven with her husband Matt, and their two children. Becky’s passion for photography used to see her (as a child) spend the majority of her pocket money on developing endless amounts of films!
Becky’s children have learnt not worry about mummy laying on the floor to capture that must have photo and enjoy being models (most of the time). Working with Vicky as an administrator saw the start of Darvill and Jukes Photography and has lead to many a lunch time discussing their next photography adventure!

Vicky lives in Eastbourne with her husband Steve, five cats, three rats and a tank full of tropical fish!
When Vicky isn’t out and about taking photos, she can be found doing her day job as an administrator.
Vicky loves taking photos and is delighted to be able to share her love of photography with Becky as Darvill and Jukes photography continues to grow.

Have you always been a photographer?

Becky and Vicky have both always loved taking photos and have been fortunate enough in the last few years to be able to develop this individually and as Darvill and Jukes photography.

Becky and Vicky feel very lucky to have the opportunity to turn their life long hobby into their career!

What do you enjoy most about taking photos?

Vicky loves every aspect of photography, from setting up the perfect shot to tidying them up in the editing suite. The thing that Vicky loves the most however is sharing her photos with other people, seeing their reaction to a moment that they had not noticed at the time. A cheeky face of a flower girl, the look of surprise on the face of the couple arriving at their surprise anniversary party, or a beautiful display of cupcakes waiting to be devoured!

Like Vicky, Becky also enjoys every aspect of photography and sharing her work with others. For Becky, being able to document an event such as a wedding or a christening always fills her with excitement and pride knowing for years to come those photos will be cherished. Seeing her work on the walls of peoples homes, in the albums they share with family and even as their profile pictures on social media sites is all the motivation she needs!

Becky and Vicky feel privileged to be invited to share special and intimate moments and loves the chance to capture them forever.

Have you photographed other events before?

Between us we have photographed a number of different events including weddings (one of which was a surprise wedding!), birthday and anniversary parties (more surprises!), christenings, civil partnerships, corporate events and theatre headshots and publicity work!

Are you looking forward to taking photos on the day of the Fairy Tale Fair?

We can’t wait to take photos at the Fairy tale event! And are both looking forward to capturing all of the beautiful colours of the crafts, all the stalls and the wonder of what promises to be a beautiful day!

What are your plans/ ambitions for the future? Or have you already achieved them?

We are looking forward to growing our business while continually developing and updating our skills, knowledge and equipment. We would also like to eventually have a studio of our own, and ultimately we are looking forward to taking lots more photographs!!

Any other comments you wish to make:

Becky and Vicky would like to thank the organisers of the Fairy Tale Fair for the opportunity to take photographs at the event. We are truly excited to be part of the day and look forward to seeing everyone there!

Currently we are launching our website and business Facebook page . Our website and Facebook Page are still undergoing construction,so if you wish to speak with us please contact Becky Jukes on 07818832248 or you can find her personal page on Facebook .


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