A Guest Post From… Kate Trevor Photography

Today we have a guest interview from Kate Trevor who will be one of the photographers at our fair. We are looking forward to having Kate along to take some beautiful photos and make sure we capture the day in style!

“I’m really looking forward to photographing The Fairy Tale Fair, I went to the last event in August and wanted to buy everything I saw! The crafts were fantastic and the sellers were so talented!”- Kate Trevor

Tell us a bit about you and what yourself and your photography..

I’m Kate, I’m 21 and I’m currently in my final year at Sussex University studying Media Practice. The big photography project which I’m working on at the moment for my dissertation is focusing on Female Roller Derby teams in the UK which has been really exciting to shoot so far, The women are a real inspiration! In my spare time I like to take wildlife and landscape photographs as well as documenting my surroundings, I love capturing things I see which makes me laugh. I also like to sew and do a lot of crafting myself, from making dresses and skirts to bunting and cushions. My obsession with buying new fabric is getting a bit ridiculous now!

How would you describe your style of photography?

My favourite style of photography to shoot is documentary. I like shooting events and capturing moments as they unfold. I also like to experiment with 35mm film and Lomography cameras too when I have time. They always give such different results compared to what I get from digital prints and the bright colours always make the shots look so vibrant and exciting.

How long have you been a photographer?

I started taking photos using disposable cameras when I was about 7 and haven’t stopped since! I’ve studied it as a subject throughout High School, College and University and hope to continue taking photos for as long as possible whether it be for work or play.

What do you enjoy most about taking photos?

Sometimes when I do a shoot, I will take hundreds of shots but when I find those final few images which really stand out, it makes it all worth while! I always pay attention to detail and I love to capture things which some people may miss on a day-to-day basis but notice once it has been put into photographic form.

Have you photographed other events before?

I have photographed a few craft events before when I have had my own stall selling the things I’ve made so hopefully I will be able to capture all the fun from the next The Fairy Tale Fair! Other events I have shot include various Roller Derby Bouts, Protests in Brighton and various different outdoor events in Brighton over the years I have lived here.

Are you looking forward to taking photos on the day of The Fairy Tale Fair?

I’m really looking forward to photographing The Fairy Tale Fair, I went to the last event in August and wanted to buy everything I saw! The crafts were fantastic and the sellers were so talented!

What are your plans/ ambitions for the future? Or have you already achieved them?

My ambition for the future is to keep taking photos of anything and everything for as long as people want to keep looking at my work! If it is for part of my job then even better!

Any other comments you wish to make?

Can’t wait to meet all of the different sellers at the event and Thank you to The Fairy Tale Fair for having me along 🙂

See more: Web: www.katetrevor.co.uk  |  Facebook:  www.facebook.co.uk/katetrevorphotography

Twitter: @kate_trevor


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