Say Hello To…Designed by Betty Shek

Today we say hello to Betty Shek who makes beautiful felt brooches and accessories! See some of her wonderful creations below…
Tell us a bit about yourself and what you make…

I’m always interested in designing jewellery and accessories even when I worked full-time as a fashion and merchandising designer . Ever since I was young, designing and fashion is what I’ve forever attracted to. Also my passion of handmade has never been stop.
I am a vintage collector especially vintage buttons has always been one of my favourite items to collect, because each of them has its’ own design , uniquely  and history.
What inspires you or do you take inspiration from?

I didn’t exactly get inspired to design my existing products, except from vintage buttons. I’ve always been working with felt to create my designs. The reason for that is with felt you can create a diverse range of products; also it’s really easy to work with as well. One of my design, felt brooch, is originally made for my younger daughter and her friends as a gift. Then my motivation of me opening shops online is partly of the reason that a friend of mine always encourages me to sell my products online.
Also, I am a vintage jewelry and vintage piece collector. So I start making vintage and upcycled jewelry alongside with my buttons collection.
How long have you been making your creations?
I did my further education on fashion and textile design, also worked as a fashion and merchandising designer in Hong Kong . But after all I still love handmade accessories and jewelleries. 
I am from Hong Kong and a mother of two daughters. About 5 years ago I moved from my busy live of Hong Kong and settled in Brighton to be a full-time mother. Mainly for my daughter’s education.
Now they both love to live in this seaside town. I love Brighton because of it’s location and it has diverse lifestyle.
See Betty’s Etsy shop here and Facebook here.

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