Say Hello To…Claire Montgomery Design

Today we hear from Claire Montgomery Design- who is also our fair organiser. Find about more about her…

“I am most happy under a pile of paper cuttings, pens & glitter!”- Claire Montgomery

Tell us a bit about you and what you do/ make….
I am an illustrator and designer based in Brighton. I specialise in hand crafted collage illustrations, and create unique and often surreal work with a personal touch. I make a range of items including greeting cards, badges, cotton bags, pocket mirrors and most recently jewellery.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as quirky, cute, creative and colourful! I like to combine traditional paper craft processes with unusual imagery and digital enhancements, to acquire a modern twist.

How long have you been making your craft items?
I graduated from uni last summer and started making my craft items just after that- so about a year now. I have always created little crafty bits for myself since I was about 5 years old but I only started selling last year. I have also just started my own jewellery range which I am very excited about! I work in a design studio in the week and create and sell my craft items at weekends & spare time.

Do you have a best seller?
My greetings cards and little badges always sell well. Everyone seems to really like my card designs and the variety of designs to choose from. I also hand glitter them to add a handcrafted touch. Small badges go really well for the children and they make perfect little gifts, they are also good value at 2 for a £1!

What do you enjoy most about your craft?
I enjoy the creativity and freedom of being able to create designs that I like and would buy. I am most happy under a pile of paper cuttings, pens & glitter! I enjoy the handmade side of my crafts and I like the sense of achievement when a piece/ design is complete. It is also great to hear lovely comments about my work at fairs and get some feedback on what I have created.

Do you take part in other craft events (fairs, open houses, markets etc…)?
Yes- I take part in many Brighton based craft events. I started last year a little local fairs and it grew from there. I still take part in small fairs but I also take part in The Brighton Craftaganza, Makers Boutique and two Artists Open Houses, which I did for Christmas 2011 and May 2012. I will be taking part in these two houses again for Christmas 2012, so don’t miss them (The Cake House & Number 73 Stanmer Villas). I also recently took part in the two day Brighton Makers Market at the Marina, which was a great couple of days!

What products/ items will you be selling at The Fairy Tale Fair?
I will be selling a range of greetings cards, my new jewellery range, badges, pocket mirrors, cotton bags (large and small), prints and more! There will be perfect gifts for everyone and it is all affordably priced.

What are your plans/ ambitions for the future?

I want to continue to grow my craft items. I am keen to develop my jewellery range and would like to expand on this and create it as a brand all of its own. I need to also set up an Etsy shop (I’m behind on this!). I also hope in the future to have my own complete range of greetings cards on sale in shops accross the UK, and I hope to exhibit at Top Drawer/ Pulse London one day.

Eventually I would love a little shop of my own in Brighton selling all my items as well as a little cafe area selling yummy cupcakes and sweet treats!

If this fair all goes well I also would be interested in event planning as I have enjoyed creating and planning for The Fairy Tale Fair from day 1! Although it has been a lot of work and has slightly taken over my life, everyone’s positive feedback and response has been great- lets just hope some of them turn up on the day!

If you want to know more you can view my Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Lets hope the fair will be a wonderful day for all and hope to see you there!


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