Say Hello To…The Silver Hut

Today we say hello to lovely The Silver Hut and their beautiful silver jewellery…

“I enjoy making beautiful pieces, straight from the heart”- The Silver Hut

Hello there, my name is Chloe Snuggs and I am sole owner and designer at The Silver Hut.

You can find The Silver Hut at: and also at

Tell us a bit about you and what you do/make?
The Silver hut specialises in gemstone jewellery made with 925, Tibetan and now Karen Hill Tribe Silver.
I enjoy making beautiful pieces, straight from the heart, I have a stunning collection in my shop right now, ‘The Sea Life Collection’. It is inspired by the beaches of my home town Brighton and it incorporates lots of beautiful Aquamarine, natural jade and blue Aventurine gemstones accompanied by lots of little silvery treasures, check it out if you can!

I also have a growing ‘Wedding and Bridal collection’ with gorgeous, sparkling Swarovski crystals, I always was a bit of a sucker for sparkly things!

How would you describe your style?
I’m not totally sure if I have a style really; just beautiful! I make lots of slightly boho or hippy styled pieces and I have quite a few classic, traditional styled things too, especially in the wedding collections. I like my pieces to be strong, neat and they are made with a lot of love!

How long have you been making your craft items?
I got in to making jewellery when I was about 8 I think?! I’ve always been in to all sorts of arts and crafts, but recently rediscovered my passion for jewellery making after having my lovely children a few years ago.

I soon found out that my previous career choice just did’nt fit with family life and feeling a bit lost and confused I rediscovered my old hobby and started to make new items of jewellery that quickly got snapped up by a lot of people I knew. Then they wanted personal designs made up for them and before I knew it I had a little ‘mini’ empire growing.
My little company has now been open for about 2 and half years, selling on-line and also at local craft fairs and markets!

Do you have a best seller? If so what is it?
I have made and sold the best part of 200 of my ‘Stretchy Swarovski Occasion Bracelets’ these are definately my best seller. Also my ‘Multi-strand Occasion Swarovski necklaces’ in green with moonstone, I always want to keep these for myself what ever colour I make them in!

What do you enjoy most about your craft?
I love to experiment with new materials and techniques. I get bored easily doing the same thing, so every design I have come up with and every technique that I learn does heavily influence my next new piece. Each design has a habit of growing and changing whist it is being made and I some times have to go back and re make the original design because I get a little carried away!

Do you take part in other craft events?
Yes I do. – I attend regular fairs in central Brighton, mainly ‘Brighton Craft Fair’ and the ‘Maker’s Boutique’, these both run the first Saturday of every month.

I have also done some Ladies Nights which are always a little messy but jolly good fun! The Silver Hut is also part of the ‘Brighton Etsy Collective’ which is a team of crafty Brighton designers who have a shop or like to shop on We meet up every now and then to discuss events, tips on running our shops and everything else we can think of. We have recently been discussing the exciting idea of pop up shops, so watch out on the high street for us, we may be ‘popping up’ soon.

The collectives website is currently under construction and will be up dated again shortly, check us out at

What product / items will you be selling at the fairy tale fair?
All my best sellers of course, plus some stunning new designs to add to my Sea Life Collection and a whole new ‘Fantasy’ collection with mermaids, castles, frog princes and of course fairies, I just hope to have it all ready in time. Ooh I’m so excited!

What are your plans / ambitions for the future?
I think it’s every designers dream of course to be noticed and land that million pound deal! But until then I would love to go a bit more up market, I’m always striving to improve my build quality and want to go onto making bigger and more stunning things, I would like to attend courses to learn silver soldering and also how to actually make my own beads and charms from scratch to my own designs. I would love to be known for those fantastic bespoke pieces.

Any other comments?
Just take care you guy’s and I look forward to seeing you on the big day!

We think The Silver Hut’s jewellery will be very popular at the fair and can’t wait to see them there!

Find them on: Web | Etsy | Facebook


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